COLOUR BOMB Brilliant Blue - Complete Kit

COLOUR BOMB Brilliant Blue - Complete Kit

  • $15.00

COLOUR BOMB Brilliant Blue - Complete Kit 

1 x Powder Bleach 35g 
1 x 30 Vol. Cream Peroxide 100ml 
COLOUR BOMB® Semi-Permanent Hair Colour Brilliant Blue 100ml 
1 x Tint Brush & Pair of Gloves 
1 x Mixing Bowl 

Easy to Follow Multi-lingual Instructions (8 languages) 
Dare to dazzle like Katy Perry with Colour Bomb® Brilliant Blue! This striking blue is the perfect way to electrify your look! Stay on-trend by dip-dyeing the ends of our hair for a more subtle look or go all the way for a 'look at me' statement! 

Incredible, explosive hair colour? Dare you! Colour Bomb has everything you need for long lasting, vibrant, semi permanent hair colour. With a concise range of 4 key on trend hair colours, Colour Bomb was created by professional colourists to ensure the strongest, most dynamic, vibrant and explosive semi-permanent hair colour formulations available. 

Colour Bomb is an explosively exciting range of Complete Hair Colour Kits and Vibrant Hair Colours. Perfect for dip dyeing, colour wash, layering or adding streaks of bold colour, Colour Bomb will have you trending. Create your own unique look, whether you’re feeling bold and experimental or just looking to express your individual statement style! 

To achieve maximum explosive colour, Colour Bomb is best applied to pre-lightened or naturally lighter hair tones for best results 

TO reduce the risk of an allergic reaction, it is essential to carry out a skin allergy test 48 hours prior to every application of any hair colourant. Instructions on how to do this are included in every Colour Bomb Hair Colouring Kit