Schwarzkopf Professional 3DMen Pack

Schwarzkopf Professional 3DMen Pack

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Schwarzkopf Professional 3DMen Pack

1 x Hair & Body Shampoo

1 x Clay Super Strong

FREE BAG --The bag un folds and has a hook to hang up for easy access 

Why pay over $60 in salon for the products when sold individually

Schwarzkopf [3D] Men Hair & Body Shampoo 250ml 100% engineered for men. Deep refreshing dual purpose hair and body wash. A rich pH balanced foam that invigorates and gently cleanses the hair and skin at the same time.


Strengthens the hair Instantly refreshes the scalp with a perceivable effect Activates the roots Active Ingredients:

PANTHENOL works on the hair, leaving it feeling strong and healthy. MENTHOL works on the scalp, delivering cooling effects on the skin and scalp. CAFFEINE stimulates the roots.

Schwarzkopf Professional Strong Fixation Texture 3D Men 100 ml The first finishing brand that fuses the 3 dimensions of finish of man. - Fix strong. - Textile mold for disheveled looks. - Matte finish. - Apply on dry hair for a strong hold or apply to damp hair for a medium hold to give the desired style.

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