Olaplex Hair Perfector No3 - 100ml

Olaplex Hair Perfector No3 - 100ml

  • $50.00

1 X Olaplex Perfector No.3

Olaplex multiplies bonds to make hair stronger and healthier,colour lasts longer with more vibrancy

For ALL Hair Types

No.3 Hair Perfector works dynamically to help repair & it can also be applied once a week between chemical services

No.3 Maintains your in-salon Olaplex service

No.3 Hair Perfector is not a conditioner. No.3 is a home bond builder that contains the same active ingredient found in all professional Olaplex products. patented technology re-links the broken disulfide bonds providing real, structural repair that works from within

Step 1: Apply a generous amount to towel-dried hair and comb through

Step 2: Leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes. the longer it’s on, the more effective it is, especially for hair that is compromised. We’ve seen great results from people who leave it on 90 minutes
Step 3: Rinse, shampoo, condition then style as usual

Olaplex is not a conditioning treatment. Olaplex strengthens the hair internally, making it healthier than before but it does not address moisture. If dryness is an issue for you, be sure to follow with your favorite moisture mask

A way to stop chemical treatments from damaging hair. Using their fresh perspective, this dream team invented a single ingredient chemistry, one that is free of silicone or oils, which links broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical services to make them stronger than they were before