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Schwarzkopf Professional - Together. A Passion For Hair

We are always REinventing hair. This is our mission. Every day, everywhere. We do it together. With a true passion for hair.

With innovation deeply rooted our DNA, we have continued to REinvent hair over the past 120 years making true milestones in haircare – the company is now one of the top three professional hair care brands in the world, with a hairdresser community that stretches around the globe!

Creating professional partnerships is at the core of what we do, it’s our philosophy and our point of difference. We co-create with the hairdresser, for the hairdresser to bring the latest products and relevant services to the market before anyone else; truly putting the customer at the heart of our business.


For colored and highlighted hair ,The 1st color locking hairtherapy for zero fade

New pH 4.5 Balancer Technology

Working with Lactic Acid & Calcium Hydroxide, tightens and stabilizes the matrix at its optimal pH of 4.5 to deeply freeze color pigments inside the hair matrix for ultimate color perfection and anti-fade effect.

BC REPAIR RESCUE ,For Damaged, Distressed or Porous Hair

  • 100% hair replenishment
  • 100% resilience
  • 95% less hair breakage

High Concentration of Proteo-Lipids

The secret to BC REPAIR RESCUE lies in our highest concentration of breakthrough proteolipids, a powerful combination of hydrolyzed keratin and lipid components, that restore the protective layer of virgin hair. The Amino Cell Rebuild, with Amino Acids and Panthenol, acts to perfect the cortex, rebuilding the architecture of the hair from the inside out, restoring strength and elasticity, while adding vital moisture. The Cell Perfector Technology provides additional care - repairing the hair by filling structural gaps, restoring elasticity and imparting deep shine throughout.


For normal to dry, wavy or curly hair that’s coarse or brittle, lacking elasticity and bounce

  • 100% nourishment
  • Up to 85% improved combability

Hyaluronic Acid Derivate

The Hyaluronic Acid Derivate rebalances the moisture level of the scalp and hair to smooth the hair's surface and prevent dehydration. Meanwhile, the Cell Perfector Technology brings beautiful suppleness, manageability, bounce and shine to each strand.


For Thick, Coarse, Wavy, Curly, Unmanageable and Frizzy Hair

  • Up to 4 days of anti-humidity & anti-frizz effect
  • 100% shine and lasting discipline

Amino Smoothing Agent

Our Amino Smoothing Agent is a highly efficient amino compound formulated to deeply nourish and manage coarse, thick and frizzy hair long-term. This technology protects the hair from styling heat and humidity, so the hair is de-frizzed, smoother and visibly shinier.


Discover the new BC EXCELLIUM Q10+, the first holistic care & finish system specially dedicated to all mature hair needs, revealing the true beauty of all maturing hair types:

  • BC EXCELLIUM Taming with Q10+ Omega 3 for coarse colored mature hair for color protection & smoothening
  • BC EXCELLIUM Plumping with Q10+ Collagen for fine colored mature hair for color protection & volume


Anti-Aging Formula For Hair That Has Lost Strength or Moisture Leaving It Weak, Dry or Brittle

  • 100% more resistance & vitality
  • Instantly rejuvenates hair strength

Q10 and Nutrifiller

Our brilliant BC TIME RESTORE formula combines Q10 with our breakthrough Nutrifiller technology to immediately erase visible signs of aging and stimulate the hair’s natural keratin synthesis.

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