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The Angel En Provence , Angel Professional , Dancoly Wonderland and Dancoly Argan oil ranges do not  contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Laurel Sulphate, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Paraffin Oil and Propylene Glycol. The range is GMP, FDA Certified and are 100% Cruelty Free ,Plus they are Vegan 

Angel Professional

Angel Professional is a full hair care and styling range dedicated to suit all hair types. 
Containing marine collagen, micro elements and nutrients from the depth of the ocean to calm repair, treat and style to meet all individual hair needs.


Angel En Provence

After extensive studies and research to discover the most suitable pure and natural ingredients along with an environmentally conscious concept for a professional hair care products Dancoly Paris proudly introduce ‘Angel En Provence’.  

En Provence is specifically formulated to be gentle giving you the ability to create dazzling results for all hair types. Luxuriously formulation based on fusing a harmonious blend of technology using the purest forms of cold pressed essential oils and plant extracts. Using the following natural ingredients Helichrysum, Verbena, Orange Flower, Lavender, Rosemary, Green Tea, Rose and Grapefruit.


Dancoly Wonderland

Wonderland shampoos & conditioners are a Dancoly Paris creation loaded with natural botanical fruit extracts of  Coconut, Blueberry, Peach, Kiwi Fruit, Cherry and Citrus Fruits just to name a few.

With a cosmetically pleasing feeling and prescriptive repairing abilities Wonderland is a perfect affordable range for all hair types. 


Dancoly Argan Oil

Dancoly introduces the Argan Oil Instant Repair Series. Enriched with natural Vitamin E, which effectively repairs damaged hair and split ends while preventing on going damage from occurring. High moisturising content rehydrates dry hair while offering long term moisture retention to prevent dehydration. Antioxidants protect the hair from UVA and UVB damage while maintaining colour intensity preventing colour fade occurring. Softens the hair reducing brittleness, evens out the porosity of the hair shaft to protect the hair and speed the blow drying time.

Argan Oil also known as Morocco Oil has been acknowledged as liquid gold Argan Active Oxygen care range is designed with all hair needs in mind to strengthen, repair and protect the hair. Creating naturally healthy, beautifully shiny and luscious hair.

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