The most popular BLONDE TONER in New Zealand Fudge Clean Blonde

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The most popular Blonde Toner in New Zealand Fudge Clean Blonde


Fudge Clean Blonde Shampoo 300ml or Litre

Formulated to remove unwanted yellow tones and re-hydrate thirsty hair to leave locks smooth and bursting with life. Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Shampoo is the perfect weekly boost that highlighted hair and tinted hair needs to keep illuminated and full of healthy shine.

Can be used also on grey hair to lock in ashy tones and prevent brassiness. Coloured blonde hair can occasionally take on an unwanted yellow, brassy tone. Violet Toning Shampoo balances out the yellow tones from the hair, and leaves hair hydrated and replenished. Great to tone freshly dyed hair, or as a weekly touch-up, this shampoo is very heavily pigmented so if you want to use daily you might experience a lovely violet tone. Otherwise mix with your current favourite shampoo for less impact. This purple shampoo really packs a punch, it is the most powerful product for neutralising blonde hair and comes straight out of the tube a bright, vibrant Violet.


Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Conditioner 300ml or Litre

For born again blonde hair. With low levels of pastel violet pigment, this conditioner helps expel brassy tones that creep up on blonde hair over time.

Great for correcting brassy and yellow tones in blonde hair, Clean Blonde Violet Conditioner balances blonde hair whilst replenishing and conditioning the hair. Clean Blonde Violet Conditioner also enhances colour vibrancy and illuminates highlights for an extra boost of shine and leaves the hair free from tangles and enveloped in a beautiful fragrance.


 We have found in the salon that people who use both Fudge Clean Blonde shampoo and conditioner together achieve quicker results when used as a pair and you don't need to tone as often compared to just using the shampoo by itself 

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